[Bro] Getting flow stats from Bro

Vlad Grigorescu vladg at illinois.edu
Thu Feb 16 08:15:35 PST 2017

Not set of scripts for this that I'm aware of. The closest thing I'm
aware of is this script for computing PCR, which might be a good
jumping-off point at least:



Jim Simpson <jim.simpson.work at gmail.com> writes:

> Is there an existing set of scripts for Bro to get flow stats?
> I'm looking for counts, avg, and std dev on small packets, large packets,
> nonempty packets, interarrival times, etc, similar to what YAF gives with
> the `--flow-stats` option. I'm also interested in the Shannon entropy of
> the payload, similar to what YAF gives with the `--entropy` option.
> https://tools.netsa.cert.org/yaf/yaf.html
> - Jim
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