[Bro] Using native PF_RING plugin with broctl

Gary Faulkner gfaulkner.nsm at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 11:19:31 PST 2017

When you built Bro did you also configure/make/make install the pf_ring 
plugin? My recollection is that the plugins are not automatically built 
when you build bro. They should be in the 
<path-to-bro-source>/aux/plugins/ in the source tree. They typically 
install into <path-to-bro>/lib/bro/plugins/.


On 2/27/17 12:51 PM, Jullian Remi wrote:
> I installed bro using the following commands:
> ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/bro/
> make
> sudo make install
> Then, bro is started using broctl install, followed by broctl start.
> I have only one version of bro installed, the stable version 2.5
> (Released Nov 16, 2016).
> I was referring to the environment variables such as PATH, BROPATH or
> CLUSTER_NODE, contained in ${PREFIX}/spool/worker-X/.env_vars, and
> generated by the wrapper script ${PREFIX}/share/broctl/scripts/run-bro.
> I forgot to mention that without using the native PF_RING plugin, I am
> able to use PF_RING with the dedicated libpcap, such as explained here:
> https://www.bro.org/sphinx/configuration/index.html#pf-ring-cluster-configuration.
> Therefore, I don't think that this issue is related to the pf_ring
> network driver or something like that, but rather to bro or broctl that
> does not set the right configuration to enable the plugin.
> Rémi
>> How did you install bro?  Do you have more than one version of bro installed?
>> What environment variables are you referring to?
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