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Dk Jack dnj0496 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 4 20:40:52 PST 2017

I have a question about BIF example
<https://www.bro.org/development/howtos/bif-doc/example.html>. I am trying
to write my own BIF functions. I'd like to store some  data (i.e. pass in a
record to a BIF function) and retrieve it later as a record when I am
processing traffic. In the example, I see 'foobar' record is defined in
bro.init. There is a declaration of foobar record in types.bif. This is
being accessed in bro.bif. How is the 'foobar' record type resolved when
it's referenced in bro.bif? Is the example complete or is it missing some
includes and such?

I tried to the same but my bro script fails because my bif file doesn't
know about my record type. I included my 'types.bif.h' in my bif file get
it compiled without errors. But it fails to load because it does not know
about my record type. I get the error 'identifier not defined:'. Any help
is appreciated. Thanks.

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