[Bro] Logger Child Memory Leak (logger crashing often)

Ryan Leonard rleonar7 at uoregon.edu
Fri Jan 13 11:15:46 PST 2017

Hey All,


Running Bro 2.5 on a single server with 20 cores and some 240 GB of memory. 

node.cfg specifies 14 workers, 2 proxies, 1 manager and a 1 logger process. 

We are running a custom build of bro built with tmalloc enabled and pfring


I'm working to get my bro cluster stable. As it stand, often the logger
process will crash causing us to lose a period of log files. Looking at the
output of broctl top, it seems that the system is likely killing the bro
logger process when it sees the amount of memory resources it is consuming.


==== stderr.log

listening on p5p2


1484325490.230681 received termination signal


# broctl top

Name         Type    Host             Pid     Proc    VSize  Rss  Cpu   Cmd

logger       logger  localhost        47880   parent    4G     3G  82%  bro

logger       logger  localhost        47902   child    38G    37G  13%  bro



As I've been writing this email I have watched the logger process's memory
utilization slowly climb from 16% to 17% (broctl top is now indicating 41G
memory usage by logger child)


I've been investigating if the bottleneck goes back to our storage solution,
which is just a bunch of disks. Based on utilization indicated by iostat and
iotop's output, it seems like the Bro logger process is writing around 4MB/s
to our disc which seems reasonable and does not indicate a bottleneck to me.


Aside: there is a tangential problem in that currently we are seeing a very
high drop rate indicated by netstats:

# broctl netstats

worker-1-1: 1484334410.387744 recvd=1087209145 dropped=3525526435

worker-1-10: 1484334410.711691 recvd=2916765681 dropped=1696150851



Thanks for any insights or suggestions!



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