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Michael Shirk shirkdog.bsd at gmail.com
Wed Jan 18 08:44:38 PST 2017

I wrote up a basic how-to for getting Bro working within a FreeBSD jail.


Michael Shirk
Daemon Security, Inc.

On Dec 10, 2016 11:49 AM, "Michael Shirk" <shirkdog.bsd at gmail.com> wrote:

> In the FreeBSD sense, jail all the things. You will be able to find some
> write-ups for Snort, but not so much for Bro, which I will look to create
> and blog about.
> The main thing is that when you setup the jail, make sure the jail is
> configured for the interface you wish to monitor. You world normally
> monitor the LAN side, but you could have a separate jail configured to
> monitor the external side in a separate jail looking for threats and
> traffic making it in and out of your firewall.
> A couple of additional items I myself have not had the chance to play with
> but should be possible in Bro 2.5 is the ability to interact with ipfw/pf
> with the NetControl Framework to use update the firewall on the fly, also
> for shunting flows.
> As far as logging, I normally stick to the standard Bro log files, and you
> can run tools from the host OS to process the log files in the jail if you
> want.
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> On Dec 9, 2016 13:31, "Todd Carpenter" <tcarpenter604 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Just joined the list and had a question … that I apparently sent to
>> customer support ..oops.
>> anyways Im building a freebsd server and was wondering what the best
>> practice / placement for bro would be
>> Essentially It’s a forward facing firewall based on freebsd. SO I was
>> wondering if its best to deploy on the host OS, or create a jail or two and
>> funnel traffic through that? I also wanted to know if there were any
>> special considerations with jails / setup.
>> some options I came up with ..
>> internet > firewall > lan/dmz
>> internet > firewall > nginx proxy > lan/dmz
>> internet > firewall > dmz jail > NO lan
>> internet > firewall > bro jail > proxy jail > lan/dmz
>> Thanks!
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