[Bro] Adding HTTP URL to Threat Intel

Ben McDowall Ben.McDowall at spark.co.nz
Thu Jan 26 11:01:11 PST 2017

I have a scenario where for TOR related IPs its important I understand WHERE they went

As an example I want to know if a TOR IP accessed
                I care if it accessed http://mycompany.com/webmail/mail/0,12323123,123123
                I don't care if it accessed  http://mycompany.com/login

I know TOR nodes will always try and access our services to poke around etc but I really care if someone logs into an account successfully

There is two ways I thought of doing this
                1: Enrich the intel.log with http URL information (pump into SIEM for further analysis)
                2: Write a custom bro script to do additional analysis.

Anyone tackled a similar challenge and can share?


Kind Regards

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