[Bro] Converting Notice::Info to JSON

Dave Crawford bro at pingtrip.com
Tue Jan 31 06:49:32 PST 2017

I’m creating a script that hooks Notice notice/policy and executes an ActiveHTTP call to submit specific notice events to a REST endpoint. In the submission I’d like to include the Notice::Info object as a JSON data field so tried:


But it produces the following error:

1485869266.028563 error in /Users/dave/Projects/bro/share/bro/base/utils/json.bro, line 26: wrong port format, must be /[0-9]{1,5}\/(tcp|udp|icmp)/ (to_port(cat(v)))

Do I need to manually re-package all the fields the Notice::Info, and if so, has anyone already done this so I can borrow the code? :-)

This is the Notice::Info object I’m testing with:

[ts=1485872499.141021, uid=CSRU563utEL1B2yFl5, id=[orig_h=, orig_p=1381/tcp, resp_h=, resp_p=443/tcp], conn=<uninitialized>, iconn=<uninitialized>, f=<uninitialized>, fuid=<uninitialized>, file_mime_type=<uninitialized>, file_desc=<uninitialized>, proto=tcp, note=Signatures::Sensitive_Signature, msg= ATTACK-RESPONSES Microsoft cmd.exe banner (reverse-shell originator), sub=POST /bbs/info.asp HTTP/1.1\x0d\x0aHost:\x0d\x0aContent-Length: 165\x0d\x0aConnection: Keep-Alive\x0d\x0aCache-Control: no-cache\x0d\x0a\x0d\x0a3D333531501A..., src=, dst=, p=443/tcp, n=<uninitialized>, src_peer=[id=0, host=, p=0/unknown, is_local=T, descr=bro, class=<uninitialized>], peer_descr=bro, actions={
}, email_body_sections=[], email_delay_tokens={

}, identifier=<uninitialized>, suppress_for=1.0 hr, dropped=F, remote_location=<uninitialized>]

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