[Bro] Reporter Error: No Such Index

Zach Rogers zach.rogers at oregonstate.edu
Mon Jun 19 11:47:27 PDT 2017


When looking at my current reporter.log file, I noticed this error

"Reporter::ERROR no such index (Cluster::nodes[Intel::p
$descr])  /usr/local/bro/share/bro/base/frameworks/intel/./cluster.bro,
line 35"

I did some searching online and couldn't find much information regarding
this error message. Does anyone know what the cause might be?

In case this is at all helpful, I have a cluster of five machines for my
current Bro configuration: One
is acting as the Master & Proxy node, and the other four are Worker
nodes. The four worker nodes have Myricom 10g NICs and are using the
Bro::Myricom plugin. Everything seems to be working, and data is being

Any information would be greatly appreciated! 


Zach Rogers
Security Analyst, Office of Information Security
Information Services | Oregon State University

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