[Bro] BROKER + CLUSTER - stuck (Mike Dopheide)

fatema bannatwala fatema.bannatwala at gmail.com
Wed Mar 8 11:06:04 PST 2017

>However when I try to run broctl deploy, its stuck on "checking
>configurations ..."  and never finish executing.

I have exact same issue, but not using any part of Broker, hence no "
flag solution for me.
The only work around I have currently on our Bro cluster is to use:
broctl install
broctl restart
instead of directly using "broctl deploy", because for some reason it just
hangs on the "checking configuration.." and never finishes, and hence
eventually I have to kill the process. :(

$ /usr/local/bro/2.5/bin/broctl deploy
checking configurations ...
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