[Bro] Question on Bro efficiency and bonded interfaces running async traffic

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I see.

Thanks Seth!

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> > My Bro setup has two hard links, each running uplink and downlink
> traffic separately. Would it be more efficient for Bro to define each hard
> link in the node.cfg or do a soft-bond that merges both hard links into a
> virtual interface, that channels into Bro?
> You will need to merge the interfaces.  You can’t monitor them separately
> because a Bro process needs to see both sides of a connection, but if you
> run with each interface on a different Bro process, each process will only
> see a single direction of traffic.
> If you merge/bond interfaces, it’s very possible that some of your
> connections will be messed up as well because there is no synchronization
> between how packets are received from  the separate interfaces and you
> could receive traffic out of order.  I typically recommend that people
> merge traffic in a switch (SPAN port) or through a packet broker because
> those will merge the packets from different interfaces correctly.
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