[Bro] Capture Loss

Arash Fallah af7 at umbc.edu
Tue Mar 14 14:47:27 PDT 2017

Hey Drew,

I've been on the list for over a year, I tried searching to see similar
issues but I didn't find it. We are capturing from a span port, we have 3
edge routers and tons of asymmetrical routing. We are experiencing packet
loss at such a high rate, we believe the error might be upstream (thanks to
Seth)! We are going to try passive taps instead of capturing from SPAN

PF_RING is installed with DKMS. All offloading has been disabled and I have
been checking reporter.log for invalid checksums (none so far). CPU pinning
is enabled. Though I did I did not know about ring slots for PF_RING, I do
not think our network at 3Gbps requires increasing the threshold from my

Thanks so much, you were on point with your questions.

On Thu, Mar 9, 2017 at 4:27 PM, Drew Dixon <dwdixon at umich.edu> wrote:

> Did you search the email list already or did you just join the list?  Are
> you capturing the traffic from a SPAN port or a Tap?  Is your network full
> of asymmetrical traffic/routing?  Answers to these two questions first is
> pretty important IMO.  I responded to a very similar question around 6 days
> ago or so on list...here's what I said again:
> _____________________________
> First I think the recommended number of workers is something like number
> of *real* cores (not counting hyperthreading)  -2 so for 8 *real* cores you
> would use 6 workers, if you have 16 *real* cores you probably want closer
> to 14 workers if this is a dedicated bro box.  Maybe try bumping up your
> number of workers and enabling cpu pinning if you haven't done so.
> Have you reviewed everything located here? :
> https://www.bro.org/documentation/faq.html#how-can-i-reduce-
> the-amount-of-captureloss-or-dropped-packets-notices
> Specifically a few things come to mind...I know you mentioned NIC settings
> but are you sure you disabled all the NIC offloading features using
> ethtool?, more detail on that at this link:
> http://securityonion.blogspot.com/2011/10/when-is-full-packe
> t-capture-not-full.html
> Also, wouldn't hurt to double check the the pf_ring kernel module is
> loaded/loading staying loaded?  If you patch the server and the kernel gets
> updated unless you have something automated to reload/reinstall the pf_ring
> module you will probably need to reload the pf_ring module for the new
> kernel...
> Also, did you configure the number of ring slots for PF_RING ?
> Check to be sure that /etc/modprobe.d/pf_ring.conf exists for your PF_RING
> installation...this is where you will configure the number of ring slots
> for PF_RING, the default is 4096 I believe but on busy networks this needs
> to be increased as appropriate (in increments of 4096)...the max value is
> 65534.  I would try that if you've tried everything else at the first link
> above to no avail...
> This is also a great resource re: PF_RING and number of ring slots:
> https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/security-onion/zu7U7U9pBT8
> Hope this helps,
> -Drew
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> On Tue, Mar 7, 2017 at 10:34 AM, Arash Fallah <af7 at umbc.edu> wrote:
>> I'm running Bro in a clustered configuration using PF_RING to have 8
>> separate workers on one box. Additionally, I have commented out almost
>> everything in the default local.bro to run in Bro as efficiently as
>> possible. Together, these 8 workers are using less than 20% of total CPU
>> capacity.
>> However, we are experiencing capture loss consistently in the 50% range,
>> even though CPUs are idle 80% of the time on average.
>> Does anyone have any experience with this? I would greatly appreciate the
>> help.
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