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Andrew Dellana andrew.dellana at bayer.com
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Yes,  I do want to make the NetControl actions based on what is alerted in Notices. Can all the helpers be stored in one file and only call the helper that is needed?

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> On Mar 16, 2017, at 10:47 AM, Andrew Dellana <andrew.dellana at bayer.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> Is it easier to have a NetControl action in each script or to have one file that contains all the NetControl actions.  I want to do one that has all the NetControl actions contained in one script, but am unsure of how / if it is possible to import information from one script to another.
> And if it is possible to import information to a single NetControl Script would someone be kind enough to provide a template.
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What sort of actions are you talking about?  If you are triggering these actions based on a NOTICE being raised, then you can use a notice hook to trigger the netcontrol actions when certain notices are raised.

If you just want to store helpers in a file, you just need to do something like

# my-netcontrol-actions.bro
@load base/frameworks/netcontrol
function do_block(ip: addr)
	NetControl::drop_address(ip , 20sec, "No internet for you!");

And then in any other script

# my-script.bro
@load my-net-control-actions
event ...

- Justin Azoff

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