[Bro] No log when bro script is run with broctl

Tobias Brunnwieser tobias.brunnwieser at ppro.com
Tue Nov 28 00:47:15 PST 2017


On 28.11.2017 03:57, Johanna Amann wrote:

> This sounds a bit odd and I am not really sure what you are doing wrong.
> My first intuition would be to do a full stop of all nodes that broctl is
> running, and then do a deploy again just to make sure that the logger,
> manager, and worker nodes are really all running the same scripts.

I did that several times, that was not the issue.

> It also is always worthwhile to check reporter.log for script error
> messages that creep up.

This was a good hint: it reported checksum errors. Since I explicitly
disabled checksums on the command line with -C, I added ignore_checksums
in bro.local and it worked. Probably I missed just the ssl_established
event that triggers the log write. This is weird, since the default SSL
analyzer makes use of it, too, and its log got written...

Thanks for your help!


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