[Bro] Building Bro 2.5.1 with PF_Ring 6.6 configure/cmake not working

Chiaverini, Christian cchiaverini at bnl.gov
Mon Oct 9 13:38:22 PDT 2017

Not sure how you installed pfring (assuming just the prefix for /opt/pfring-6.6 and no indicating the lib dir) but it may need to be:

./configure --with-pcap=/opt/pfring-6.6/lib

If not, then you can do a
find /opt/pfring-6.6 –name libpcap.so

The result with be the directory you need to put in the “--with-pcap” part (exclude the “libpcap.so”).



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Subject: [Bro] Building Bro 2.5.1 with PF_Ring 6.6 configure/cmake not working


I am trying to build Bro with PF_Ring support. I followed the instructions https://www.bro.org/sphinx/configuration/index.html#installing-pf-ring and built pfring to /opt/pfring-6.6. When I try to run:  ‘./configure --with-pcap=/opt/pfring-6.6’ it does not seem to work.
-- Found PCAP: /usr/local/lib/libpcap.so
-- Performing Test PCAP_LINKS_SOLO
-- Performing Test PCAP_LINKS_SOLO - Success
-- Looking for pcap_get_pfring_id
-- Looking for pcap_get_pfring_id - not found

Digging around cmake

Have a great day!

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