[Bro] installation issue with Bro doctor

Brian Wylie briford.wylie at gmail.com
Tue Sep 19 15:12:32 PDT 2017

Hi All,

- Ubuntu 16.04
- Bro installed from Source (from repo updated today)
- Using pyenv for python virtualenv
- pip install bro-pkg

(bro3) bro-user at bro:~$ bro-pkg install bro-doctor

The following packages will be INSTALLED:

  bro/ncsa/bro-doctor (1.9.0)

Proceed? [Y/n] Y

Skipping unit tests for "bro/ncsa/bro-doctor": no test_command in metadata

Installing "bro/ncsa/bro-doctor"

Installed "bro/ncsa/bro-doctor" (1.9.0)

(bro3) bro-user at bro:/opt/bro/share$ bro-pkg list

bro/ncsa/bro-doctor (installed: 1.9.0) - A broctl plugin that helps you
troubleshoot common problems

(bro3) bro-user at bro:/opt/bro/share$ broctl doctor.bro

Error: unknown command 'doctor.bro'

BroControl Version 1.7-7


So... I did a find under /opt for doctor.bro or bro-doctor*  etc... I
didn't find anything... so I'm sure it's just pilot error... can someone
point out where I went wrong ?


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