[Bro] testing performances of binpac's parser

Johanna Amann johanna at icir.org
Thu Sep 21 09:02:43 PDT 2017


> I would like to test a  binpac's generated parser that I wrote. Is there
> a handy way to get the C++ code running on some payload of my choice? I
> guess there is but it would be helpful if somebody gives a hint on where
> to start!

I actually recently did this for a research project where I used binpac to
parse a X.509 data structure in a standalone project. The source code is
up here: https://github.com/0xxon/sct-utils

The interesting utility is extractSCT. Note that to be able to use binpac
completely without Bro you need to patch binpac.h a little bit; if I
remember it correctly it does include Bro header files by default (that
are not really necessary in a standalone utility).

I hope this helps,

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