[Bro] bro and pf_ring zc configuration success stories

radek radoslawc at gmail.com
Fri Sep 29 08:44:03 PDT 2017

I'm back with results. I've created new test and ran 200 Mbits, 600 Mbit,
1Gbit then went all in with 8 Gbits.
1. You were right with traffic generator, previous test had some parameters
changed and was doing something funky with TCP. I've removed this and above
issues are to some extent gone.
2. With zbalance_ipc -n 20 and worker definition:

interface=pf_ring::zc:27 at 0

I'm able to process 4.5 Gbit/s with all 20 cores loaded at 60 - 70 % with
minimal drop at bro

[BroControl] > netstats

   worker-0: 1506695586.298096 recvd=5465310 dropped=30118 link=5465310

   worker-1: 1506695586.497686 recvd=5438281 dropped=9041 link=5438281

   worker-2: 1506695586.701504 recvd=5498208 dropped=8756 link=5498208

   worker-3: 1506695586.901398 recvd=5457893 dropped=9326 link=5457893

   worker-4: 1506695587.101722 recvd=5472315 dropped=8877 link=5472315

   worker-5: 1506695587.301448 recvd=5541810 dropped=10604 link=5541810

   worker-6: 1506695587.501405 recvd=5556953 dropped=2022 link=5556953

   worker-7: 1506695587.705590 recvd=5508997 dropped=2149 link=5508997

   worker-8: 1506695587.905592 recvd=5526052 dropped=1955 link=5526052

   worker-9: 1506695588.105445 recvd=5506942 dropped=2751 link=5506942

  worker-10: 1506695588.305863 recvd=5597609 dropped=7534 link=5597609

  worker-11: 1506695588.505499 recvd=5550657 dropped=4975 link=5550657

  worker-12: 1506695588.705426 recvd=5578005 dropped=1152 link=5578005

  worker-13: 1506695588.905554 recvd=5541178 dropped=90 link=5541178

  worker-14: 1506695589.109446 recvd=5561273 dropped=3568 link=5561273

  worker-15: 1506695589.309585 recvd=5552211 dropped=2850 link=5552211

  worker-16: 1506695589.509799 recvd=5524173 dropped=7896 link=5524173

  worker-17: 1506695589.709838 recvd=5565320 dropped=10923 link=5565320

  worker-18: 1506695589.910352 recvd=5632122 dropped=9169 link=5632122

  worker-19: 1506695590.113969 recvd=5603647 dropped=10448 link=5603647

this drop occured at the beginning of test and stayed like this until end
(20 minutes)

with zbalance_ipc - n 20 -r 0:dummy0 and so on for 20 workers defined like


I can process at around 3 Gbit/s and around 36 % of packets are dropped at
zbalance_ipc ingress (ixgbe NIC) (so it seems that bottleneck here is zc -
> dummy packets processing)
Core designated for zbalance_ipc is loaded 100% during test , I'll look
into it next.

So so far so good.
I'll be posting updates on my findings

I'm very grateful for your help.
Thank you.

Best regards

On 28 September 2017 at 19:17, radek <radoslawc at gmail.com> wrote:

> Will do, I'll get back with results tomorrow as my day ended. Thanks for
> your help so far.
> On 28 September 2017 at 19:13, Azoff, Justin S <jazoff at illinois.edu>
> wrote:
>> > On Sep 28, 2017, at 12:55 PM, radek <radoslawc at gmail.com> wrote:
>> >
>> > > Can you configure your traffic generator to send it "real" traffic?
>> >
>> > that's the setup, it is even called Real-World Traffic (TM) by vendor.
>> currently that's the only way for me to have somewhat reproducible test
>> results in my setup.
>> Can you set the rate to 200mbit then for a bit?  You need to get things
>> to a point where the workers are running properly without drops.
>> Then once the configuration looks correct and bro is logging proper
>> connections you can start ramping the rate back up.
>> Based on the "error: 99.17%, 7562 out of 7625 connections are half
>> duplex" from before, nothing was working properly... and 50% drops alone
>> wouldn't cause that.
>>>> Justin Azoff
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