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Rober Fernández roberixion at gmail.com
Mon Feb 12 08:04:55 PST 2018

I want to write several logs in the same connexion. The problem with
logging framework is that only can filter a log;

For example, If i had three filters with log_metadata= T, i would like to
write in three differents logs


function filter_conn(id: Log::ID, path: string, rec: Conn::Info) : string {

    local filters = Filter::filters;
    local file_filter = "";

    for (i in filters) {

        if (i?$log_metadata && i$log_metadata == T) {

            file_filter = "filter-" + cat(i$id_fil);

    return file_filter;

event bro_init() {

    local metadata: Log::Filter = [
        $include=set("ts","id.orig_h", "id.orig_p", "id.resp_h",
"id.resp_p", "proto", "service",
         "duration", "orig_bytes", "resp_bytes", "missed_bytes",
"orig_pkts", "resp_pkts", "orig_file",

    Log::add_filter(Conn::LOG, metadata);


With this code, I only return the first match, filter-1.log

How could I do this?

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