[Bro] arp_main.bro : "Reporter::ERROR no such index"

Nicolas KRASINSKI krasinski at cines.fr
Mon Jan 29 02:45:17 PST 2018


I try to use the script arp_main.bro, that I found here : https://gist.github.com/grigorescu/a28b814a8fb626e2a7b4715d278198aa 
I can load this script without error, but I have an error in my reporter.log : 

Reporter::ERROR no such index (ARP::arp_states[ARP::SHA]) /usr/local/bro/spool/installed-scripts-do-not-touch/site/arp_main.bro, line 186 

In the script, the error is on the line 186 : 

181 event arp_request(mac_src: string, mac_dst: string, SPA: addr, SHA: string, TPA: addr, THA: string) 
182 { 
183 mac_addr_association(SHA, SPA); 
185 local arp_state: State; 
186 arp_state = arp_states[SHA]; 

I don't understand how to solve this problem, could you help me ? 

Thanks in advance, 

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