[Bro] arp_main.bro : hexa code in arp_states result

Nicolas KRASINSKI krasinski at cines.fr
Tue Mar 6 01:45:42 PST 2018


In the arp_main.bro script ( https://gist.github.com/grigorescu/a28b814a8fb626e2a7b4715d278198aa ), the global " arp_states " give this weird result : 

[mac_addr=00:2c:7h:40:55:55, ip_addr=, assoc_ips= { \x0a\x09, \x0a\x09, \x0a\x09, \x0a\x09 \x0a }, requests={ \x0a\x0a }] 

The part of arp_main script with the global arp_states : 

type State: record { 
mac_addr: string; 
ip_addr: addr; 
assoc_ips : set[addr]; 
requests : table[string, addr, addr] of Info 
&create_expire = 1 min 
&expire_func = expired_request; 
global arp_states: table[string] of State; 

The " assoc_ips" is set[addr] and requests is table , so I don't understand why I have hexa code (x0a = line feed, x09 = horizontal tab) in the result ? 

Thank you for your help, 

Best regard, 

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