[Bro] redef LogExpireInterval with JSON log writer?

Seth Hall seth at corelight.com
Fri Mar 16 12:39:51 PDT 2018

On 16 Mar 2018, at 14:09, Drew Dixon wrote:

> I see you're keeping iterations of the json_streaming versions of the 
> logs around in the event a log shipper process or some process is 
> still attached to the inode and that the creation of the .1, .2, json 
> logs probably keys off the custom rotation interval (15 min) from what 
> I can tell, which makes sense to me.  Aside from that, in my testing 
> I see that json_streaming logs are in fact being archived along with 
> the default tab delimited logs so I'm assuming that as it stands now 
> the json_streaming .gz

Oh!  That's a bug then.  I was bad an never ended up running that script 
on a full cluster with Broctl, sorry about that.  I'll do some more 
testing because that archiving was not the intent. :(


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