[Bro] local.bro causing memory leak

Seth Hall seth at corelight.com
Wed Mar 21 06:45:04 PDT 2018

On 20 Mar 2018, at 16:11, Benjamin Wood wrote:

> The whole problem I'm trying to solve is steaming data into splunk. 
> Splunk forwarder's don't like it when filenames change, and the 
> artificial delay created by rotating logs adds too much latency. The 
> solution that was proposed was "don't rotate logs", and leave them in 
> place long enough for the forwarders to finish.

Ah!  I'm trying to solve a similar problem with my json-streaming-logs 
package.  I'm planning on doing some testing and getting that fixed 
soon.  I think it's still a little broken right now, but I can 
definitely sympathize with your trouble.  Hopefully there'll be some 
guidance on this from me (or you!?) soon. :)


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