[ee122] flow control for project 2

Amit Matani amitmatani at berkeley.edu
Wed Dec 5 21:01:34 PST 2007

So I am kind of confused on how to properly implement flow control with the
new changes to the spec.  Since we are not using threading and passing
control of the program to the my_recv function, we do not have a thread that
fills a staging buffer which is then processed by a processor thread.  All
of this instead happens in order, we get a packet from the kernel using the
recvfrom function.  Then we ack if necessary and put the packet in its
proper place.  In this way we never will have a buffer that overflows
because we process as we receive and we will never have to readjust the
advertised window size.  I have thought of ways to artificially reduce the
window size if we receive too many out of order packets because we save
those in a buffer, but I am not sure if I am missing something.

So my question is, in what cases will we have to reduce the size of the
advertised window for flow control?

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