[ee122] Getting MNL to transmit ACK's...

Richard Schmidt huntingtonsurfca at gmail.com
Sun Dec 9 20:12:09 PST 2007

"The MNLDaemon rewrites the UDP source port on all outgoing data packets.
You will have to provide the source port somewhere else in your packet so
that your receiver will know to which UDP port to send responses.

Additionally, the MNLDaemon can only process outgoing packets, thus you will
have to build support for MNL on both your sender and receiver. This means
that your sender and receiver and their corresponding MNLDaemons need to be
executed in different paths (e.g. in different folders, on different
computers, etc.) -- *Wednesday Dec 5 12:44pm"*

*Are those e.g.'s all required or are some optional?

Different paths could mean different folders, or different computers...

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