[ee122] proto_parser csv

Lisa Fowler fowler at eecs.berkeley.edu
Mon Dec 10 00:29:13 PST 2007

On Dec 10, 2007 12:25 AM, Kristian Lyngbaek
<kristianlyngbaek at berkeley.edu> wrote:
> I am very confused about how the proto_parser relates to the csv files.
> Is proto_parser supposed to generate the 2 (sender+receiver) csv files so
> the reader can run it. ?
> Or is the proto_parse supposed to print the data to standard out and are we
> supposed to generate the csv files before hand and turn them in with out
> submission?

The proto_parser is a tool for you to generate CSV files.  If you want
the proto_parser output to be a CSV file, then that's a fab idea.  If
you'd rather do some twiddling later to get the output to turn into a
CSV, that's also up to you.  You are REQUIRED to turn in those CSVs,
so however you get there is fine with me.


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