[ee122] Extension to midnight?

Drew Lustro drewlustro at gmail.com
Mon Dec 10 22:51:00 PST 2007

You're very clear, don't worry... we'll get you as many csv's as we  
can. It's just sad that we're going to lose 10% because every single  
time you run a test you gotta restart MNL on both sides, write down  
the port number it chooses, restart tcpdump on both sides with regards  
to the port numbers written down, start the receiver, start the  
sender, and then finally collect those dump files and run them through  
the protoparser.

Sucks when your actual project is finished :[


On Dec 10, 2007, at 10:38 PM, Lisa Fowler wrote:

> I hear your plea.
> If you are unable to get the 1a tests working due to time constraints
> or certain things making your transfer take a very long time, you may
> submit the 1a csv's later for a minor penalty.
> The rest of your code must be delivered on time -- ONLY the 1a CSV's
> may show up late to be eligible for this minor penalty.
> You must submit the 1a CSV's as a separate submission attempt with no
> extra files, or else I will consider it to be a late submission
> altogether.
> Let me know if this is not clear.
> -Lisa
> On Dec 10, 2007 10:14 PM, Drew Lustro <drewlustro at gmail.com> wrote:
>> file1.bin takes 15-20 minutes to do under the first MNL conf file...
>> Wasn't expecting to have to deal with waiting for a long time,
>> especially when c199 has 100+ users on it and a high load.
>> Any chance we could get more time?
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