[ee122] mnl_sendto -> recvfrom

Bruno mehechb at berkeley.edu
Tue Dec 11 03:22:52 PST 2007

We are having similar problems.  It works if we send on the same
machine, but when we send between two machines one of them can never
receive.We've been trying to figure this out for several hours and
have tried several machines and the only one that seems able to
receive packets is c199.  I've checked the ports and addresses and
they are all right, packets are sent from the MNL port to the
server/client port, and tshark shows the packet arriving at the
destination, but our server/client never gets it.


On Dec 11, 2007 3:12 AM,  <apolloellis at berkeley.edu> wrote:
> hi i can send files over mnl on one server but when i run mnl programs on
> two different servers i can send one way but not the other for some
> reason. i checked and the port mnl is sending to is correct and the ip
> address mnl is using is correct. i just cant solve it. has anybody got
> around this yet? :-)
> Apollo
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