[ee122] ./MNLDaemon: Invalid argument.

Jawwad jawwadmemon at berkeley.edu
Tue Dec 11 14:31:45 PST 2007

Need to make sure you have samplecfg/dnon0.txt in the same dir as
./MNLDaemon usually MNLDaemon is in MNL_src_.. so you have to call it from
previous dir by saying 
./MNLDaemon ~/<your_dir_where_samplecfg_is_located>/samplecfg/dnon0.txt

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I'm trying to run mnldaemon on sphere.cs.berkeley.edu, and when I try 
./MNLDaemon samplecfg/dnon0.txt the machine says that the argument is 

Anybody know what's going on? I've recompiled for sphere and the daemon 
is in a separate folder (MNLSphere on sphere versus MNLc199 for c199).


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