[ee122] Score Breakdown Clarification

Lisa Fowler fowler at eecs.berkeley.edu
Thu Dec 20 22:45:53 PST 2007

By "Nov 21" I really did mean tomorrow, Dec 21 :)

Penalties are multipliers.  If your score was a "2" in the "Code 
Penalty" section, that means you lost 2x10%

Somehow for some of you the formatting got terribly munged on the way 
out.  If it's too intolerably legible let me know and I'll send it to 
you again, prettified.

As a "happy holidays" gesture and a sign that we really did see how hard 
you worked on this project, for Project 2b, we changed the late penalty 
calculation to only penalize the points you earned.  Therefore, you did 
not immediately start with a -16 if your project was 1 day late -- 
instead, the -10% penalty was applied after the fact to your raw score.  


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