[ee122] Project 2 concerns - READ ME!

Lisa Fowler fowler at eecs.berkeley.edu
Sun Nov 4 18:04:37 PST 2007

Hi all-

I've heard from many students that there is concern about the
influence and presence of Project 1 code in Project 2.  I have
clarified in 1-on-1 conversations and in my section, but that clearly
doesn't reach all of you.  I hope this email will help to reduce some
of your concerns.

The MAIN FOCUS of Project 2 is the custom protocol that you create
from scratch.  The use of Project 1 client/server in Project 2 is only
so that you have something that will be able to TEST your custom
protocol.  I will NOT be grading your Project 1 client/server in the
same manner that it was graded for Project 1.  Don't think of Project
2 as an extension of Project 1.  All that your Project 1 client and
server have to do in Project 2 is *transfer a single file to a single
client*.  I don't care about error codes, simultaneous clients,
spurious tokens, chunking, nothing.  All I need is that your PREFERRED
(!) Project 1 solution is able to request a single file, transfer data
across a network, and save that file.  Everything else in the Project
1 grading rubric is not critical if you can request/transfer/save that

I know some of you are bummed that we aren't doing a p2p program, but
trust me -- you are going to be really glad that you didn't have to
design and build a p2p program IN ADDITION to designing and building
your custom protocol.  :)

Please read the Project 2 spec in its entirety and let me know if you
still have additional concerns about this.  The main focus of Project
2 is the custom protocol.  Don't get stressed about having the most
perfect Project 1 solution before you even begin to work on Project 2.
 Take a break from thinking about Project 1 and instead spend your
energy on coming up with a fabulous proposal for a brilliant new
reliable transport protocol :)


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