[ee122] Note about Project 2 - Phase 1 submission rules

Lisa Fowler fowler at eecs.berkeley.edu
Wed Nov 7 19:01:09 PST 2007

Hi all-

Short version of this email:
  * Stapled legible paper submissions in Cory drop box by 11pm Nov 13
  * Email a single PDF/DOC/TXT/RTF file to fowler at eecs.berkeley.edu by
11pm Nov 13

For both:
  * Both of your email addresses on the first page
  * EVERY PAGE MUST HAVE:  both names, both inst IDs, page #
  * Verify that your doc is in compliance with the above, legible,
printable, and not missing elements
  * I will ACK receipt by 12pm Nov 14.  Verify above and resubmit if
you don't hear from me.

  * If you fail to do all of the above by 11pm Nov 13, it will make
your phase 1 "late"

For your Proj 2 Phase 1 design doc, YOU **MUST** HAVE ON EVERY PAGE:

- BOTH of your NAMES and corresponding INST IDs
- page number out of total pages

You must verify on your own that printing and presentation is not
buggy.  I will not debug your documents for legibility or for
missing/misaligned elements.  This is all for your own benefit!  Make
sure I can give you the best grade I can for your *content* by making
sure the presentation isn't a hindrance.  (Hint:  A happy TA is a
better grader :) )

Submissions for Project 2  Phase 1 can be electronic or paper-based in
the drop-box.  If you choose to submit a legible stapled paper-based
document via the Cory drop-box, you must make sure that you can gain
access to Cory BEFORE the deadline.  If you submit your design
document to me electronically, send only a *single* PDF/DOC/TXT/RTF
file via email to fowler at eecs.berkeley.edu .

Make sure you put both of your email addresses on the first page of
the doc so that I know who to email.  Via email, to the email
addresses you specify, I will ACK my receipt of your design doc and
ability to read/print it by 12pm Wednesday Nov 14.  If you do not hear
from me, you may assume that either you did not follow ALL of the
above or that I didn't receive the doc.  It is your responsibility to
ensure reliable and timely delivery.  If you don't hear from me, it
means you are subject to the late penalty and you should make sure to
submit a better copy before the 24hr deadline.

You are all very smart (to my knowledge ;) ).  Make sure that you
enable me to reward you for being smart by doing *all* of the above.
Thanks for helping me help you get the grade you deserve on this


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