[ee122] FSM

Nescio Nomen nescionomen at gmail.com
Sun Nov 11 19:09:19 PST 2007

> > Also, do we have to handle sudden terminations, eg
> > RST flag?
> It's okay to provide an annotation such as "in all states except XYZ, upon
> receiving a Termination packet the state transitions to state Done" or
> such.  That is, it should be clear how receipt of something like a RST is
> dealt with in terms of state transitions, but doesn't need to be illustrated
> if it will clutter the diagram rather than help clarify how states change.
>                 Vern

Sorry, maybe I should've been more clear.  TCP only sends a RST
flagged packet when a program unexpectedly terminates, eg a crash.  I
am not sure how, in our own implementation of a reliable transport
protocol (the actual code), we would send a packet after our program
crashes.  Since our program crashes, how would we get it to do
anything?  So I was wondering if it's a requirement to handle abrupt
terminations.  I'm guessing that you're implying it is?

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