[ee122] my connect

vern at cs.berkeley.edu vern at cs.berkeley.edu
Tue Nov 20 20:36:32 PST 2007

> Do we really need to implement my connect and my_listen? We are not
> going to create any persistent connection nor multiple connections

You *are* implementing a persistent connection, and its establishment needs
to be reliable.  This means that the receiving side needs to (first) listen,
and the initiating side needs to connect.  (We left off multiple connections
as a simplicity of *implementation*.  But conceptually your protocol should
support it, which requires explicit establishment.)

> Then if a host is client it will have a loop that starts with send
> followed by receive,and if the host is a server it will loop starting
> with receive and then send. Our protocol will just make sure that all
> packages are received in order

How will the server know what packet reflects the first in the connection,
if that one happens to be lost?


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