[ee122] project 2 provided files

Lisa Fowler fowler at eecs.berkeley.edu
Mon Nov 26 00:45:46 PST 2007

The protocol parser will be uploaded shortly, if not already.  Please
await an announcement from Prof Paxson for its availability.

The MNL configs are being standardized and tested right now.  For your
development and personal testing purposes, sample MNL configs can be
found in the MNL tar in the samplecfg directory.  The official files
should be out within the week.  You may use whichever files for the


On Nov 26, 2007 12:37 AM, Eric Cheung <ericcheung at berkeley.edu> wrote:
> The project 2 spec says that we will be provided with a skeleton program
> for our protocol parser/printer, files of various sizes to be
> transferred between our sender and receiver, and sample MNL
> configuration files (to be located at
> http://inst.eecs.berkeley.edu/~ee122/fa07/
> projects/p2files/).  When will these files be available?
> Thanks
> - Eric
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