[ee122] Question regarding handshake robustness

Anthony Kilman a_kilman at berkeley.edu
Fri Nov 30 01:25:19 PST 2007

Hello. I'm testing the robustness of my handshake by throwing a ton of
random data at my sender. Basically I have a malicious "receiver" that
catches the SYN, extracts the info needed to identify the sender, and
just bombards the sender with random packets.

It ends up crashing my sender. But it works in other cases (included a
FEW [as supposed to 1000+] random UDP packets in the handshake
progress). Should we handle this in our code, or is this a bit off topic
in regards to the objectives of the project. I guess it could be more of
a security issue more than anything.

Out of curiosity, why would it crash? Is there an associated buffer for
UDP from the OS that's getting overwhelmed? Or am I missing something?


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