[ee122] HW1 Solutions - Question 3

Lisa Fowler fowler at eecs.berkeley.edu
Wed Oct 3 00:37:15 PDT 2007

Hi Rick and others-

Specific questions about grading and individual scores for the
homework assignment (HW1) should be directed to Jorge ideally during
his office hours, and if you can't make them at all, via email.



On 10/3/07, Richard Schmidt <huntingtonsurfca at gmail.com> wrote:
> My graph points are almost exactly one half of your (y) graph points. Why?
> Because I used the shortest possible -RTT- for light as opposed to a one-way
> shot.
> This made more sense since you are subjecting the electronic signal to an
> RTT as well.
> So do I get full credit? It doesn't specify anywhere that this was a one way
> trip and my graph utimately looks like the one in the solutions, just half
> as tall.
> Rick
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