[ee122] Sentinels and Data

Richard Schmidt huntingtonsurfca at gmail.com
Sun Oct 21 22:01:51 PDT 2007

We saw on the midterm that there may be a problem using sentinels to
know where the end of data is.

Although, I'm pretty sure of the answer, I'd like to know if we have
to run through the data while we are sending it to make sure that
there are no character sequences that match a premature (in data)

I believe the answer is no, not for this project, so perhaps a more
general response can be provided.

Do they denote the data containing premature sentinels with something
like %<# of CR>%<# of LF>? I think I've seen this system used before
(especially for spaces). Do we have to implement a similar scheme? It
would seem unlikely then that a client would know how to decode these
symbols then.


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