[ee122] error checking

Nescio Nomen nescionomen at gmail.com
Mon Oct 22 18:33:47 PDT 2007

So the client sends a get request to the server, the server sends a response
back.  Do we have to verify that the response makes perfect sense, eg their
HTTP version matches our own, the status code matches the phrase (eg 200 =
OK)?  The specs don't say to do any error checking on the response so if
it's not a big deal I'd just rather parse it as if it's correct and focus on
more important things.  If the response is nonsense, it'll probably be
detectable most of the time anyway, eg a regexp will probably not find the
status number, and so you can just reject the response.  If we do have to do
the kind of error checking I mentioned earlier, should it be classified as a
parsing error?
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