[ee122] question about file names

Nescio Nomen nescionomen at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 22:30:14 PDT 2007

Once the client has retrieved an item from the server (via a 200 OK reply),
it constructs a local file name
into which to store the item. The new file name is the simple name of the
URI, i.e., all the characters
following the last '/'. This handles all but a few special cases. In these
special cases, your client must create
these files according the simple names listed below.
/ In this case, the simple name will be dir
foo/ In this case, the simple name will be foo

I don't understand that case.  What's it supposed to catch?

Is foo just a generic variable that stands for "any and all characters
before the last slash?"

So, for this request URI:


foo would be:


Is that correct?
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