[ee122] Failure to overwrite file on client side

Daniel Killebrew dank at eecs.berkeley.edu
Wed Oct 24 16:12:54 PDT 2007

Simon Tan wrote:
> To follow up on this, I would like to point attention to the following  
> line in the spec, in the section "Client Behavior":
> If the request does not succeed, your client should print the status code  
> and associated text, such as:
> 403 Forbidden: /secret/diary.html
> This doesn't make much sense, since the HTTP headers should have already  
> been printed. (A little earlier in that section, the spec says to print  
> the response message to standard output. A 403 Foribidden would have been  
> part of that response message.)
Print out the status code & associated text again (but not the whole 
header again), just to highlight to the user that an error occurred :)
> Also, if this is somehow referring to what happens when a client runs into  
> permission issues when trying to *save* data to a file, why would the  
> client be printing "403 Forbidden" to the user? And why would the client  
> be trying to save a filename like "/secret/diary.html", when it really  
> should be trying to save a file named "diary.html" (everything after the  
> last '/'.)?
The server would not be sending such a message to the client, of course. 
(since the server doesn't know what the permissions are on the client's 
system)  The server is sending a 403 Forbidden: message because the 
client is not supposed to request the /secret/diary.html file (or at 
least the server shouldn't reply with the file because of permissions).

If the client is unable to save the file to disk because of permissions 
issues, print out a reasonable error message such as "ERROR -- could not 
save <filename> to disk".

> My main question is really reiterating what Eric asked below...
> On Mon, 15 Oct 2007 15:52:20 -0700, Eric Cheung <ericcheung at berkeley.edu>  
> wrote:
>> The spec says "If a file with the same name already exists, replace it".
>>   If this is not possible due to permission issues, what's the format of
>> the error message the client should print out?
>> Thanks
>> - Eric
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