[ee122] Server Handling Dot's

Daniel Killebrew dank at berkeley.edu
Sat Oct 27 13:01:54 PDT 2007

All of those should be treated as directories, except the one with 3 
dots since that's invalid.
Use the unix command 'ls' to guide you on whats a file and whats a 

Also the fopen() function returns an error, and the errno will be set to 
EISDIR if you tried to open a directory.


Jeff Wang wrote:
> How is the server supposed to handle dots (".") in the URI?
> For example, if the URI is "/..", do we give the parent directory?
> How about:
>     "/foo/."
>     "/foo/../"
>     "/foo/../../"
>     "/foo/..."
> I don't the spec makes it clear since our regex in the pervious 
> milestone was very lenient.
> Right now, if there is a "." after the last "/", I'm just treating it 
> has a file.
> Thanks,
> Jeff Wang

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