[ee122] Fixing errors from part a

Daniel Killebrew dank at eecs.berkeley.edu
Sun Oct 28 15:26:18 PDT 2007

Get the new functionality of part 2 in there first. Once you have the 
new phase 2 stuff then you can go back to multiple clients.
I will try to avoid testing the harder cases of multiple clients  & 
interleaved requests when testing phase 2 stuff.
Getting penalized twice for something is no fun :)


ee122-dm at imail.eecs.berkeley.edu wrote:
> Hi, I was wondering how important it is to fix the errors (specifically
> the interleaved requests and buffer allocation errors) from part a. About
> how much of our grade will this be, since it would appear that part b
> doesn't rely on this feature any more than a did?
> Thanks,
> Aaron
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