[ee122] Persistent Connections

Jeremy Fleischman jeremyfleischman at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 06:13:04 PDT 2007

Two quick questions.

Say that my client connects to a given server, say fourtytwo.com (after
typing in http://fourtytwo.com) and requests a persistent connection by
including the header "Connection: Keep-Alive". Say that the server decides
to honor the request. Now I type http://fourtytwo.com:7788 into my client.
Since I'm using persistent connections, the spec tells us to re-use the
existing connection to fourtytwo.com. However, this existing connection is
to port 80, not port 7788! Should we be checking the port number when
deciding whether to re-use a connection?

Also, why oh why does the spec not allow for horizontal dashes ( - ) in a
hostname? Lots of real domain names have them, and it's driven me crazy
trying to test my client out in the "real world", and finding that it can't
connect to these real websites.

Jeremy Fleischman
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