[ee122] incommunicable vs network

benjlau at berkeley.edu benjlau at berkeley.edu
Mon Oct 29 20:40:13 PDT 2007

It's hard to tell which of server side errors to label incommunicable or
network.  In the last project it was clear, anything related to the
network was just going to be network error but this time we have
incommunicable errors that encompass any errors that cannot be
communicated to the client (i.e. socket failures or a bad port number). 
Socket failures and bad ports seem to cover almost all errors.  Can
someone give me examples of errors that directly fall into each category,
and maybe a better rule of thumb to apply?  Right now I have it pegged
kind of like this but it's all the same to me really (thats why it's
mostly incommunicable messages)

bad command line args-- incommunicable because we will never start program
socket(), bind(), accept(), listen(), send(), select() -- incommunicable
because we cannot communicate with one or more clients and/or we terminate
the program (liek for select)
close()-- network because it does not necessarily stop us from
communicating.  Always recoverable I think.
error when setting the original server socket reusable-- incommunicable
because we will not continue the program (at least that's the way I
implemented it).
couldn't parse get request headers-- network because we send a 400 to the

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