[ee122] Issues with c199

vern at cs.berkeley.edu vern at cs.berkeley.edu
Tue Oct 30 15:55:55 PDT 2007

> Thought I'd give it a run on c199.eecs.berkeley.edu, but it was a no go.
> I used the same make file in the reference code, and did a clean make.
> It compiles, starts running, but just sits there. I got on gdb to see
> the exact call that it hangs on.. select.

I believe c199 has a firewall that disallows external connections to
any non-standard servers running on it :-(.

> c199 [67] ~/proj1b/client > make
> g++ -ggdb -Wall-lsocket -lnsl -o http_client http_client.cpp

If that's a verbatim report of the compile line, then best guess is that
the problem is "-Wall-lsocket", which needs to instead be "-Wall -lsocket"
(a blank between the two flags).


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