[ee122] Directories with extensions

Carrell Killebrew dank at EECS.Berkeley.EDU
Wed Oct 31 00:20:27 PDT 2007

Yes, list the directory's contents if the URL passed to you does refer to a directory, regardless of what the name 'looks like'.

Don't bother looking at the file's contents, just blindly return text/plain since the extension is .txt

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Let's say I have two directories, "foo.avi" and "foo.txt". 

I'm assuming in either case, the directory's contents should be listed.
I'm checking mostly because if the extension determines the file-type,
then really, these shouldn't be interpreted as directories (even though
*nix couldn't care less).

Do we need to handle the case when an extension doesn't actually
correspond to the file's contents? Say I have a jpeg named "foo.txt"...
In this case, we blindly return "Content-Type: text/plain", right?


Chris Cowart
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