[ee122] lab

benjlau at berkeley.edu benjlau at berkeley.edu
Wed Oct 31 02:29:10 PDT 2007

I can't do Part 21 and 22 of the lab.  I get ESP packets whenever I have
my client on sphere and my server on ilinux.  I can't have them both on
ilinux and then look at the adaptor because, for some reason, I cannot
access tcpdump or tshark.  "which tshark" for example gives me a bad value
at the command line.  I can't have them both on sphere because then I get
the message

sphere [4] /share/b/ee122 > tshark -w ~/tracefile -i lo0 host
sphere.cs.berkeley.edu and port 10000
tshark: The capture session could not be initiated (lo0: No DLPI device

ilinux3 [9] ~ > which tshark
tshark: Command not found.
ilinux3 [10] ~ > which tcpdump
tcpdump: Command not found.

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