[ee122] Project 1

Ofer Sadgat ofer at berkeley.edu
Mon Sep 10 22:25:02 PDT 2007

I have a few questions about project 1:

1.       When will the server be up to test our solutions against?

2.       How do we deal with the fact that send might not send all of the
data? This seems like an implementation specific thing and therefore will
not be compatible with other solutions.

3.       If an HTTP Request is invalid in many ways, do we print out all
appropriate error messages? What if it is complete nonsense? What do we
return to the sender?

4.       Must the error messages that we print be exactly the same as what
the guide says? If so, then what about the possible errors that it doesn't
talk about (such as ones listed above)?

5.       What do we do if the server runs out of memory?

6.       Can our server be more compliant than the standard allows? E.g.
allow +Space to equal space | tab | newline or no new line at the end.

7.       Can you post the next part of the project?




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