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> From: Ofer Sadgat <ofer at berkeley.edu>
> Date: Sep 11, 2007 10:15 AM
> Subject: RE: [ee122] Project 1
> To: Lisa Fowler <fowler at eecs.berkeley.edu>
> Yes, I understood what Beej's guide said. The problem comes from the server
> side. When it is receiving packets, how does it know which packets come
> before which? It isn't necessarily true that they will arrive in order.
Assuming I understand your question correctly, TCP will give you the 
bytes of the message in order. You don't see how your data is split into 
packets when using TCP. TCP knows the order of the packets because there 
is a sequence number in the TCP header that indicates packet ordering.

> Also, why is it that the Client's path allows "-" but the server's doesn't?
That's a typo, both client and server paths should allow "-' (hyphens).
> Lastly, for our server should the path "/Hello/InDex.Html" ==
> "/hello/index.html"?
Don't do any changing of the path's case. File system case sensitivity 
or insensitivity defaults to different things on different OSs. When 
grading, we won't expect you to return "Index.html" if we ask for 

> Thanks,
> Ofer

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