[ee122] Fwd: Project 1

Vern Paxson vern at icir.org
Wed Sep 12 00:13:45 PDT 2007

> Yes, but what I am asking is does TCP ensure that data from a call to send
> will arrive at the other side in the same order or does it also ensure that
> multiple calls to send will arrive in the order that send is called?

The latter.  Data from a series of calls is serialized into a "byte stream",
and that same byte stream appears at the other end.

> More concretely:
> 	Send(dataA)
> 	Send(dataB)
> Other side:
> 	Receive() returns dataB
> 	Receive() returns dataA
> Is this possible?

No, not possible.  What *is* possible is that the first Receive()
returns both, or only part of dataA, or all of dataA and part of dataB.
But it will respect the ordering in which they were sent.


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